September 24, 2019


After ten years of study and international research, our work has reached a new milestone with the publication of all paintings and pastels by Edgar Degas with a search engine designed, created and available for all. For the first time.
This is a vast project that has never before been undertaken. The overall corpus of some 1,900 works by Degas can now be searched and displayed by theme, medium, technique, date, dimensions, signature and stamp. Numerous refined searches are available through cross-referencing of the selected parameters.

Major advantages of this digital critical catalogue include:
- the publication of a list of more than 3,000 exhibitions (places, dates and titles) from 1865 to date that have included work by Degas, in addition to the 1,900 referenced works;
- a bibliography of about 2,000 references;
- a search engine that is free and accessible to all;
- regular updating as new information is uncovered or becomes available.
While this digital catalogue needn't detract from the prestige of a paper version, its flexibility and sophistication provide a new and original view into the life and work of the artist.
Michel Schulman

Ali is Retiring
If you have been in Saint-Germain at any time over the last 46 years then you have seen or perhaps heard Ali hawking Le Monde with funny fabricated headlines: Monica Lewinsky pregnant by George W. Bush!"

Well he's packing it in, but retirement as a news vendor is small, however, the Mairie of the 6th arrondissement has given him a permanent spot in the Jardin de Luxembourg to sell cold drinks and nibbles from local artisans. But he needs a little of our help to purchase equipment and stock to get started.

Contributions of one or 2 million euros will be gratefully accepted.

So let's say thanks for all of the good cheer he has shared with us over the years and of course, once he is up an operating visit him in the gardens.

This exhibition, showing a selection of masterpieces from Tate Britain, highlights a key period in the history of painting in England, from the 1760s to around 1820. It will present an overview capturing all the originality and diversity of this time. It takes the visitor from the founding of the Royal Academy, with artists such as Reynolds and Gainsborough, to the turning point in the early 19th century, notably with Turner. The public will rediscover the great classics of British art here, all too rarely exhibited in France.

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