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Edgar Degas

The first digital catalogue raisonné

by Michel Schulman, expert

Edgar Degas : his public auctions from 1874

This exhaustive corpus of Degas's public sales throughout the world from 1874 to the present day comprises 5,400 lots (excluding sculptures) in 1,500 sales, thanks to the unique work of Michel Schulman. Only on request, the detailed lots informations will be delivered. Such research has never been undertaken before. The knowledge of Degas' work and his expertise are thus advancing making such huge progress.

The first public sale on January 13, 1874 at the Hôtel Drouot of La tribune des courses à Longchamp, which later took the name of Faux départ, was followed by more than 4,300 paintings and pastels and nearly 1,000 drawings. This is undoubtedly an important step in the evolution of this first online catalogue raisonné of the artist and in the history of art in general.

Many conclusions can already be drawn from these researches: the quota between paintings, pastels and drawings, the market for Degas according to period and country, the constitution of major public and private collections. All these figures will help us to deepen our knowledge of Degas' work. It will regularly be updated and will include new sales.

Public sales of Degas' works have mainly been held in Paris, London and New York. Since 1874, there have been more than 3,750 sales in France, more than 600 in Great Britain, 750 in the United States and about 30 in Germany and Switzerland. We will soon be publishing some interesting findings from this panorama of the artist's sales.

Below is a list of the 1450 sales with the date and the place. The content and details of each lot listed are available upon request via the contact form in order to keep the intellectual property.

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